The Best Beauty Accessory Ever!

23 Jan


I posted this photo on my facebook page, and started getting a bunch of “likes” and comments about what a great smile I have. In one of my responses to a friend I said Thanks, I try to wear it everyday, it matches everything!  This really got me thinking about that little ol’ thing we call a smile, and more specifically MY smile.

I’ve been complimented on my smile since I was in high school (I think it started after the braces came off…lol) so, it’s really not new to me, but for some reason, I guess I’m a little surprised that I am STILL getting those compliments.

Today is my 45th birthday. You’d think now that Im getting lines around my eyes and I have at least one more chin than I used to, that my smile would not have the same visual pleasantness that it did when I was 20. But, maybe that’s the thing about smiles. When you wear one, that other stuff doesn’t matter, because your smile is what is being focused on.

It’s really not JUST about the smile. About a week ago I got a compliment, on my smile, from a kid at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Now, I seriously doubt this kid was thinking much about how my smile actually looked. I think what he liked is how my smile made him feel. Who knows what kind of customers had come before me that day. My smile, for him, may have been more about the ease and comfort a person feels when you approach them with a smile or maybe how the inflections in your voice change when you are speaking with a smile. Not to mention, laughter and smiles often go hand in hand, and we all know how disarming laughter can be. Simply put, smiles come with built in good-mood makers.

The best things about a smile is that It can be worn by and given to, young or old, man or woman. A smile has no racial or financial bias nor does it have a preference of political parties. A true sincere smile, is pure and strong, simple and powerful and one of its best attributes yet, is that it needs no translation. A smile can be understood no matter what language you speak.

So, yes, I do believe a smile is the most versatile and attractive beauty accessory you could ever wear.


2 Responses to “The Best Beauty Accessory Ever!”

  1. Carol Colman January 23, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    You know, as they said in the musical Annie, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Keep smiling! You look beautiful!

    • sevibeau January 23, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

      Thank you Carol. Annie was onto something. Maybe it’s something about curly, red-headed, freckle-faced girls. I was one of those. LOL :D

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