Winging It

19 Mar

Angel croppedI’ve been frustrated lately by my inability to find words that I think are worthy of this blog. I so badly want these posts to be inspirational, poignant, and touching. I’ve been walking through my days, doing my own thing, just hoping that something would inspire me. Well, I think a little inspiration has struck. :)

Earlier this week, while I was working on my jewelry and corresponding with someone whom I hope soon to call my mentor, I had an epiphany. I was explaining that with my jewelry I pretty much just wing it. Often times, I start working on a project and realize I don’t have what I need, so I wing it. Sometimes I use items in ways far different from how they were intended to be used. At times when I get stuck or make a mistake, I somehow, without any skilled instruction, come up with something even better than what I originally intended–because I let myself wing it.

As I though about these actions, I realized they completely parallel my life. You see, I always have been pretty happy working with what I’ve had in any specific time and place, relying on what was around me to get by, and allowing my misfortune or mistakes to become blessings. All these years I’ve just been winging it, and I’m happy to say it has worked exceptionally well.

The whole concept of winging it made me wonder where the term winging it came from. As I asked myself this question, I immediately envisioned the wings of an angel. It was a big AH HA! moment. In that second, I understood that winging it is putting faith in the fact that my angels guide me in the right direction. It’s about letting go of control and allowing myself to be gently led in a direction that is good/right/best for me. It’s about allowing and not forcing. It’s about trust.

Photo generously provided by Davi Peterson.

I consider myself a spiritual person, but I am not a religious person; so this vision of an angel was rather extraordinary for me considering angels are not something I often reflect on. But the message was clear, because when I stopped and thought about what angels and their wings symbolized for me, the answers were obvious: Angels’ wings symbolize beauty and strength, they can be tucked away unseen or presented to the world with a majestic power. They can fly to heights beyond our known limits, and they can shield us from danger. Angels symbolize wisdom and kindness, sacrifice and altruism, security and hope, and of course, pure love.

It all makes perfect sense to me now, and it’s clear why winging it for all these years has worked for me. What better guidance could one ask for than guidance from an angel? So, if I can offer a bit of advice, please remember that you don’t always have to be in control. Because those moments when you aren’t, those moments when you are completely winging it, think about who’s got your back, and remember you are in exceptionally good care.


2 Responses to “Winging It”

  1. Cheryl April 8, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

    When I first saw the words “winging it”, I immediately thought spontaneous, then, synonyms for spontaneous; impromptu, instinctive, natural impulse, without effort or premeditation, produced by natural process. An “ah ha” moment for you my dear, but I have always seen, loved, and admired the “winging it” productive you!!

  2. Holly Writes the World April 3, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Wow! For someone who’s not very “religious” you sure have inspired a profound God-moment in me! How much of my angst and inner turmoil is a fight between me and God as I try to wrench control of “my” universe from His hands – 98%? 99.9?

    I am in exceptionally good care and I will try my darndest to tattoo this beautiful message on my heart. Thank you.

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