Timeless Blessing

13 Sep

Timeless:  without beginning or end; eternal; everlasting.

Blessing:  something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity. On September 8th I turn 65, and I am pleased to share my thoughts for the Sevibeau blog.

Taylors GraduationMy definition of timeless blessing:  Family, friendship, love, and beauty; they may change over the years but the reality is they are timeless and truly a blessing. Whether you are in touch once a week, or once a year, true friendship has NO timeline. My life has been, is, and always will be a timeless blessing because of those who have touched my life whether for a second or for a lifetime. CocoaWe are shaped and Cheryl Dudley and Busteroftentimes defined by our life connections, most of the time they are good, and sometimes they have their challenges. No matter good or bad, we can choose to grow from beach scenethese experiences by keeping joy in our hearts, making a conscious decision to begin each day with happiness, and not dwell on sadness or disappointment. Keep smiling, keep positive, and keep moving forward; your spirit will naturally radiate love and beauty.




Would love to hear your toughts. :)

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