Fabulous You!

20 Oct

Did you know….

The cosmetic industry does a measly $8 BILLION a year? Or that Americans spend approximately $10 BILLION a year on plastic surgery? Or that the weight loss industry annual expenditures are estimated to be around $60 BIllion a year? These figures mean we are buying what they are selling.

But if someone came to your front door trying to sell you a new vacuum or a life insurance policy that you don’t need would you buy it? No. You wouldn’t because you know you do not need it or want it. Yet why are you saying yes to our society’s concept of beauty?

Why are we buying make-up, diets and plastic surgery that we probably don’t need? Is it because we are fascinated with our external appearance? Are we obsessed with how we look? Are we so easily manipulated and influenced by other people’s image of beauty?

I believe its because we lack self-love.

We are so convinced we are not good enough as we are, that we are vulnerable to marketing campaigns that tell us what we secretly already believe to be true. We accept the industry standards and messages that keep us pinned down. We are paralyzed by the images and messages that tell us our self-loathing is accurate. We have bought into the idea that we can be more, we can be enough, if only we improve our external appearance. Then we will be loved, we will be accepted, we will have all we deserve and we will finally be happy.

But all the make-up and exercise in the world won’t make us happy or contented if we don’t truly value ourselves first. There is nothing wrong with make-up that accentuates your natural beauty or watching your calories/working out to be healthy and to feel better about yourself. But these things need to be seen as only tools that support the fabulous you. We need to stop listening to the voices in our heads that tear us down. We need to be kinder, gentler, nicer, to ourselves. We need to tell ourselves we are beautiful, vibrant and sexy just the way we are. We need to believe that who we were born to be is plenty, in fact its more than enough, its fantastic!!! Because there is nothing more attractive than a woman who owns and accepts who she is; a woman who is confident in her worth; a woman who is authentic and lets her true self and light shine through.



2 Responses to “Fabulous You!”

  1. Ashley December 16, 2013 at 12:34 pm #

    I love your message!!! What you said about make-up accentuating our beauty – so true! I believe in adorning our faces with make-up and bodies with beautiful clothes but it is more of a symbol of appreciation than a mask or cover-up.

    Self-love is where it’s at :-)



  2. Terri Sue Tewksbury October 21, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

    Love it Erin! You have always been beautiful inside and out! Shine Girl :)

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