Are You Adding Significance to this World?

14 Jun

Do you know when you are most happy? Have you been able to pinpoint those times and make sure you do whatever is necessary to make them happen over and over again?

If you haven’t been able to pinpoint those times you need to broaden your horizons. Experience more, do more, try more and at some point you are bound to come across a moment when you just feel completely connected to the world and feel like you have found your rightful place in the universe… and yes, I will even call it your life’s purpose. It’s an awesome and powerful feeling… which is why once you’ve had a taste of it, your instincts take over and you look for ways to reproduce the feelings, time and time again.

I know what makes me happy and I know why my little jewelry and recognition boutiques are so important to me. It’s because they help to do this for me. They help to reproduce those feelings that put me in that place of feeling at one with the universe. Over the years, I’ve found, developed, and participated in, a variety of projects that have given me that natural high. My jewelry blogs, and my yet undisclosed, new business idea, are all just other avenues I use to tap into my rightful spot in the big scheme of things.

So, what is my thing? Why is it I’ve been put on this earth? And what is my purpose of being? Im here to help people feel and understand their significance. And while Im doing that Im on a mission to help other people see and understand how important it is to do the same. It doesn’t have to be their mission, but it sure would be nice if that idea sort of caught on. My challenge to you is to proactively find ways to help others feel more significant in this world. :)

If you struggle to think of ways to help people feel significant here are a few simple and basic ideas to help you get started.

At work:

  1. Stop by someone’s desk or office, just to let them know you were thinking about them and wanted to say hi. Don’t stick around to chat, and don’t ask them for any favors while you are there. lol  Just the basics capped off with a “hope you have a great day.”
  2. Send an email to a client, associate, co-worker in another office with basically the same message. Just a quick “Hey, I was thinking about you and wanted to say hi.”
  3. Notice a peers good work product and let them know you think they are a valuable asset to your group… the kudos don’t always have to come from the boss.
  4. Are you a boss in an office and have great parking spot? Pick a week or two and let your employees take turns parking there.

At home:

  1. Say hello to your mailman, your landscaper, or your neighbor. Offer them a glass of water (if it’s hot) or tea, coffee, cocoa (if i’ts cold)
  2. Write a quick little love note to each of your family members and hide it under their pillow so they will find it when they get into bed. That will be sure to send them to sleep with a smiling heart.
  3. Call any one of your family members over to you, tell them you need their help with something, then give them a big fat hug… just because. (but don’t pull them away from their favorite thing to do this)
  4. Make up a silly (but kind) song about each of your family members and just start randomly singing it in their presence.

Out and about:

  1. Pay a compliment to a sales clerk, cashier or server, acknowledge their their speed or efficiency, or even their positive attitude or smiling face.
  2. Make a point to ask them their name and request a comment card so you can put a good word in for them.
  3. Filling up? Let someone know you like their taste in cars, or you admire how well they maintain their car’s appearance.
  4. Compliment any female on their taste in shoes (I know I love when that happens)
  5. See a mom/dad interacting well with their child/children? Let them know you think so.

There are soooooo many things we can work into our daily routines that can help people feel significant. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Even the smallest of gestures are noticed by the person on the receiving end. And I guarantee it will brighten their day AND yours! <3


2 Responses to “Are You Adding Significance to this World?”

  1. Colleen Wright June 18, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

    As always you have great advice Connie O <3

    • sevibeau June 19, 2014 at 1:08 am #

      Ohh, Colleen! So sweet of you. I have good advice because I have so many wonderful role models in my life! Im a lucky lady! ;) xoxo

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