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Creative Altruistic Rebellion – Part 2

14 Aug

If you haven’t heard about the Crazily Unique Altruistic Jewelry Shop of Love, you will probably want to check out Creative Altruistic Rebellion – Part 1, before you continue reading. :)

So, although my original intention this week was to fill you in on how the Crazily Unique Altruistic Jewelry Shop of Love was rolling along and give you details about all the fun, behind the scene, stuff I have been working on, I have been inspired to go in a different direction.

CrazilyToday I want to tell you WHY I am doing this. Over the past few days, people have taken some actions that has really helped me realize a BIG part of my “why.” As most of you know by now, Robin Williams presumably committed suicide a couple of days ago, Then, on top of that, I read a friend’s post, mourning the life of a young girl who chose this same path to ease her pain.

Every time I hear of a suicide it remind me of my first experience with suicide. I was in junior high and had a crush on a cute boy that worked in the school library. Many times I looked for excuses to visit that library just to have the opportunity to say a few words to him while I checked out those books. Then one day I came to school and heard the news. In a blink of the eye, the boy I thought was so sweet, kind and charming was gone. It really broke my heart. It wasn’t something I could explain to anyone, because he was sort of my little secret. As sweet, kind and charming as he was, he was still the nerdy boy who worked in the library. And, although I didn’t see him as nerdy at all, I must have had the social instinct to know he wasn’t one of the boy’s other girls would relate to, and when you are 13 you sometimes think those things matter. So along with my heavy heart I had a ton of guilt. All I kept thinking over and over again was… what if he had known? Would admitting to him how I felt change the outcome of his decisions? Would knowing one little 7th grader was crushing on him, give him just a enough self-confidence to stick it out another day? Would the idea of a girl (any girl) liking him make him see something in himself that maybe he had not seen before? Those questions haunted me for a while, and I guess they kind of still do, because, like I said, he is the first person that comes to mind whenever I hear about a suicide.
quote bigger

So, without getting too far off topic, what I have realized is that my WHY is partially responsible for his and all the other heart wrenching suicides that have occurred day after day, month after month, and year after year. As an adult, I understand that depression, and other reasons for suicide, are usually much more deep seeded than what the admission of a teenage crush can fix, but that doesn’t stop me from also knowing, in my heart of hearts, that sometimes it DOES help to know when other people value us. I guess SeviBeau’s Embrace (which is what the program will be called) is my way of helping people do that. We need a world where we are not afraid to share our love, respect or admiration for others. We need a world that recognizes the triumphs AND tribulations of others from a supportive and loving place. It needs to become a common action. There is way too much pain and suffering in this world and this program is my way of helping the public demonstrate love, support and appreciation for one another. So, all that being said, I really hope that you challenge yourself to reach out to someone you care about in this unique and heartfelt way. Let them know what they mean to you. Tell them how they have positively affected your life, Acknowledge them for being the wonderful person they are. It’s a small action that can make a huge impact.

The virtual doors open on September 1, 2014, but you can sign up now so you get all the latest news on this amazing program.

Please leave a comment below or ask any questions you may have. SeviBeau’s Embrace is meant to be for the community, so we might as well start getting to know each other now. ;)



Creative Altruistic Rebellion – Part 1

4 Aug

amazing starToday, I am sharing with you some pretty radical news. Well, radical to those that don’t know me very well, and probably radical to those who aren’t familiar with the history of my SeviBeau website, but, this will probably NOT come as much of a surprise to my more loyal followers and customers.

You see, it’s time for SeviBeau to stop selling jewelry.

When I first started selling my jewelry, it was really just a means to support my fix. You know, sell my items to help fund the next shopping trip for beads and findings. But as I was building my website I realized I had this awesome opportunity to use my new website to call attention to some amazing “every-day” women. Honestly, that was the part of my new business, that really got me excited. After all, the SeviBeau name did come from the words Sexy Vibrant and Beautiful, which were all words that seemed to perfectly describe the women I wanted to honor, or even more accurately, what I wanted to BRING OUT in the women that were honored.

So, with this idea, I set out to give one piece of my jewelry away, each month, to one of the women nominated for the “Beauty Within Tribute.”  All the women nominated would have their nominations posted on my website, but only one would be able to receive a SeviBeau jewelry item of her choice. This had a pretty decent start, but I quickly noticed that only friends and family were making nominations, and that soon dwindled down to the same person being pretty consistent about making nominations (Thanks Tina!) I was getting very discouraged and didn’t understand how so few people would want to take the time to praise an important women in their life. I thought it would be such a beautiful act of love, admiration or respect.

So, I decided it was time to change things up a bit and give the Beauty Within Tribute a new name… I felt maybe it wasn’t capturing the attention of a wide enough audience, so I changed the program name to the Inner Beauty Spotlight. I really liked the new name and thought for SURE this would catch people’s attention… But to my disappointment it had absolutely no impact at all. And it was making me sad. :(  I was losing inspiration to even make jewelry because I wasn’t giving any of it away. Believe me, I wasn’t selling that much either, but I really didn’t care about that… what I cared about is not having the opportunity to post new stories about amazingly beautiful and deserving women who had previously been overlooked and unrewarded for their incredible deeds. That’s what I was missing and that is what was killing my SeviBeau spirit. Although I had created this program to help recognize these women for their remarkable contributions and acts of inner beauty, in all honesty it was a halfhearted attempt, and the Beauty Within Tribute and Inner Beauty Spotlight programs just weren’t cutting it.

That takes us up to July 25th when I was driving in my car thinking about my recent session with my business coach and an email I had sent her a few days prior. about how I could care less if I sold my jewelry, and how I would be just as happy giving it away to women who could use a pick me up or recognition for something meaningful they’ve done in their life. And well, that was my big Ah Ha moment… easy as that!

SeviBeau was never meant to be about selling jewelry, or honestly even about me making jewelry. SeviBeau is 100% about believe trianglehonoring women for their incredible acts of kindness, courage, resilience, service and sacrifice. It’s about giving people a platform to do that, and it’s about helping the world remember to take time out to pay attention to the acts of beauty around them (and within them) and to acknowledge those actions with a tribute, a thank you or good old fashioned love!

So, starting September 1, 2014, SeviBeau Jewelry will only be able to be purchased with love, respect or admiration. And more specifically, it can only be “bought” with a love letter or video, of sorts. This time around EVERY woman, who is honored in one of those videos or letters, will be gifted a one of a kind SeviBeau Jewelry item or other donated jewelry item. SeviBeau will gift as many times as we receive for as long as there is inventory to give.

Im still working out all the details and trying to figure out all the little rules that need to be put in place so that the program can be enjoyed and experienced by the most amount of people, but Im going to find a way for this to work, and not just work but thrive!!

I will be posting every Monday up until September 1st, detailing the roll out and providing opportunities for YOU to get involved in this creative altruistic rebellion. Please follow this blog to make sure you get notified of the upcoming posts. I’d hate for you to miss out on any of the details leading up to the Grand Re-Opening of this Crazily Unique Altruistic Jewelry Shop of Love!

In the meantime, leave me a comment, or share this post with anyone you think can relate to this vision!!!  The more the merrier!

Are You Adding Significance to this World?

14 Jun

Do you know when you are most happy? Have you been able to pinpoint those times and make sure you do whatever is necessary to make them happen over and over again?

If you haven’t been able to pinpoint those times you need to broaden your horizons. Experience more, do more, try more and at some point you are bound to come across a moment when you just feel completely connected to the world and feel like you have found your rightful place in the universe… and yes, I will even call it your life’s purpose. It’s an awesome and powerful feeling… which is why once you’ve had a taste of it, your instincts take over and you look for ways to reproduce the feelings, time and time again.

I know what makes me happy and I know why my little jewelry and recognition boutiques are so important to me. It’s because they help to do this for me. They help to reproduce those feelings that put me in that place of feeling at one with the universe. Over the years, I’ve found, developed, and participated in, a variety of projects that have given me that natural high. My jewelry blogs, and my yet undisclosed, new business idea, are all just other avenues I use to tap into my rightful spot in the big scheme of things.

So, what is my thing? Why is it I’ve been put on this earth? And what is my purpose of being? Im here to help people feel and understand their significance. And while Im doing that Im on a mission to help other people see and understand how important it is to do the same. It doesn’t have to be their mission, but it sure would be nice if that idea sort of caught on. My challenge to you is to proactively find ways to help others feel more significant in this world. :)

If you struggle to think of ways to help people feel significant here are a few simple and basic ideas to help you get started.

At work:

  1. Stop by someone’s desk or office, just to let them know you were thinking about them and wanted to say hi. Don’t stick around to chat, and don’t ask them for any favors while you are there. lol  Just the basics capped off with a “hope you have a great day.”
  2. Send an email to a client, associate, co-worker in another office with basically the same message. Just a quick “Hey, I was thinking about you and wanted to say hi.”
  3. Notice a peers good work product and let them know you think they are a valuable asset to your group… the kudos don’t always have to come from the boss.
  4. Are you a boss in an office and have great parking spot? Pick a week or two and let your employees take turns parking there.

At home:

  1. Say hello to your mailman, your landscaper, or your neighbor. Offer them a glass of water (if it’s hot) or tea, coffee, cocoa (if i’ts cold)
  2. Write a quick little love note to each of your family members and hide it under their pillow so they will find it when they get into bed. That will be sure to send them to sleep with a smiling heart.
  3. Call any one of your family members over to you, tell them you need their help with something, then give them a big fat hug… just because. (but don’t pull them away from their favorite thing to do this)
  4. Make up a silly (but kind) song about each of your family members and just start randomly singing it in their presence.

Out and about:

  1. Pay a compliment to a sales clerk, cashier or server, acknowledge their their speed or efficiency, or even their positive attitude or smiling face.
  2. Make a point to ask them their name and request a comment card so you can put a good word in for them.
  3. Filling up? Let someone know you like their taste in cars, or you admire how well they maintain their car’s appearance.
  4. Compliment any female on their taste in shoes (I know I love when that happens)
  5. See a mom/dad interacting well with their child/children? Let them know you think so.

There are soooooo many things we can work into our daily routines that can help people feel significant. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Even the smallest of gestures are noticed by the person on the receiving end. And I guarantee it will brighten their day AND yours! <3

Every Woman’s Right

29 Aug

Im trying hard.

Im trying hard to be and FEEL sexy, vibrant and beautiful. I think every woman has this right, and even an obligation to pursue and feel these things for ourselves.

It makes me sad that so many women were not given permission to embrace these aspects of themselves due to the environments in which they were raised. It makes me sad that many women were taught to feel shame when it came to their beauty and their bodies, often due to the mortifying actions and behavior of family members or other people close to them that were supposed to be there to protect them and love them, in a way that built there self esteem and confidence, not in a way that tore it down. It makes me sad that society has somehow seemed to create a standardized test of what it means to be sexy and beautiful. And it really makes me sad that so many women have fell victim (including myself) to believe that this standardized test is the only way to accurately determine whether they are passing or failing.

I’m sad about these things, but there is a time to stop being sad and start getting mad. There is a time that we as women have to take back our control, despite whatever may have happened to us in our pasts and despite what “society” says about being sexy and beautiful! We ARE society… so as long as we believe it we are contributing to the problem. It’s time to take back our control and do whatever we can to build our confidence and self esteem.

As adults, we have the power to make changes that need to be made. We have the power to choose what we want to think about and what we want to focus on. I am in no way saying that this is EASY, Im just saying that it is within our control to do what needs to be done.

I wan’t to feel sexy. I want to feel vibrant and I want to feel beautiful. I’ve discovered the more I do for myself, the more healthy choices I make in fueling my body and the more effort I make in moving my body, the better I feel, physically AND mentally. I know this is no new equation. I know these methods have been used by hundreds of thousands of people with the positive results you would expect, BUT they have never fully been embraced by me AND I know there are still hundreds of thousands more out there that also struggle to embrace it.IMG_0636

I feel like I am finally on the right path. I am done being a wall flower, I am done hiding in the shadows, and I am done with the shame and regret.


What I wish more than anything is that ANY women out there that are lacking confidence, not feeling sexy, or not feeling beautiful, stop and think about why. What is holding you back? What is keeping you from taking the steps to make yourself healthier a little at a time. This is not about weight, it’s not about how long, short or what color your hair is. This is about doing things for ourselves that honor our selves, that make us realize we are worth the time and the effort. This is about doing things that make us happy and listening to our inner desires. This is about self love.

No matter what or where we came from, we can always change it around… it doesn’t make the history go away, but what it can do is revitalize our souls. It’s time for some extreme love… extreme SELF love! As adults we are responsible for how we think and the actions we take today. There are no excuses, but what there IS is the ability to change our lives for the better, the ability to experience pride and accomplishment. It is time, it is up to us, and it is within our control to finally exercise our rights and fulfill the obligations we have to ourselves to feel sexy, vibrant and beautiful.

Winging It

19 Mar

Angel croppedI’ve been frustrated lately by my inability to find words that I think are worthy of this blog. I so badly want these posts to be inspirational, poignant, and touching. I’ve been walking through my days, doing my own thing, just hoping that something would inspire me. Well, I think a little inspiration has struck. :)

Earlier this week, while I was working on my jewelry and corresponding with someone whom I hope soon to call my mentor, I had an epiphany. I was explaining that with my jewelry I pretty much just wing it. Often times, I start working on a project and realize I don’t have what I need, so I wing it. Sometimes I use items in ways far different from how they were intended to be used. At times when I get stuck or make a mistake, I somehow, without any skilled instruction, come up with something even better than what I originally intended–because I let myself wing it.

As I though about these actions, I realized they completely parallel my life. You see, I always have been pretty happy working with what I’ve had in any specific time and place, relying on what was around me to get by, and allowing my misfortune or mistakes to become blessings. All these years I’ve just been winging it, and I’m happy to say it has worked exceptionally well.

The whole concept of winging it made me wonder where the term winging it came from. As I asked myself this question, I immediately envisioned the wings of an angel. It was a big AH HA! moment. In that second, I understood that winging it is putting faith in the fact that my angels guide me in the right direction. It’s about letting go of control and allowing myself to be gently led in a direction that is good/right/best for me. It’s about allowing and not forcing. It’s about trust.

Photo generously provided by Davi Peterson.

I consider myself a spiritual person, but I am not a religious person; so this vision of an angel was rather extraordinary for me considering angels are not something I often reflect on. But the message was clear, because when I stopped and thought about what angels and their wings symbolized for me, the answers were obvious: Angels’ wings symbolize beauty and strength, they can be tucked away unseen or presented to the world with a majestic power. They can fly to heights beyond our known limits, and they can shield us from danger. Angels symbolize wisdom and kindness, sacrifice and altruism, security and hope, and of course, pure love.

It all makes perfect sense to me now, and it’s clear why winging it for all these years has worked for me. What better guidance could one ask for than guidance from an angel? So, if I can offer a bit of advice, please remember that you don’t always have to be in control. Because those moments when you aren’t, those moments when you are completely winging it, think about who’s got your back, and remember you are in exceptionally good care.

The Best Beauty Accessory Ever!

23 Jan


I posted this photo on my facebook page, and started getting a bunch of “likes” and comments about what a great smile I have. In one of my responses to a friend I said Thanks, I try to wear it everyday, it matches everything!  This really got me thinking about that little ol’ thing we call a smile, and more specifically MY smile.

I’ve been complimented on my smile since I was in high school (I think it started after the braces came off…lol) so, it’s really not new to me, but for some reason, I guess I’m a little surprised that I am STILL getting those compliments.

Today is my 45th birthday. You’d think now that Im getting lines around my eyes and I have at least one more chin than I used to, that my smile would not have the same visual pleasantness that it did when I was 20. But, maybe that’s the thing about smiles. When you wear one, that other stuff doesn’t matter, because your smile is what is being focused on.

It’s really not JUST about the smile. About a week ago I got a compliment, on my smile, from a kid at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Now, I seriously doubt this kid was thinking much about how my smile actually looked. I think what he liked is how my smile made him feel. Who knows what kind of customers had come before me that day. My smile, for him, may have been more about the ease and comfort a person feels when you approach them with a smile or maybe how the inflections in your voice change when you are speaking with a smile. Not to mention, laughter and smiles often go hand in hand, and we all know how disarming laughter can be. Simply put, smiles come with built in good-mood makers.

The best things about a smile is that It can be worn by and given to, young or old, man or woman. A smile has no racial or financial bias nor does it have a preference of political parties. A true sincere smile, is pure and strong, simple and powerful and one of its best attributes yet, is that it needs no translation. A smile can be understood no matter what language you speak.

So, yes, I do believe a smile is the most versatile and attractive beauty accessory you could ever wear.

Building an “Inner Beauty” Community

14 Jan

Hi, my name is Connie. I realized tonight that I failed to introduce myself in my inaugural post on this blog. I am the caretaker of this blog. And I have my sights set on a big vision!

Just like the blog title depicts, my vision for this blog is to focus on being Sexy Vibrant and Beautiful – From the Inside Out.

Because inner beauty takes on so many different personalities and reveals itself in so many different ways, I want this blog to be able to represent many different women. Therefore, my vision includes inviting guest bloggers to share their ideas on, and experience with, inner beauty. I believe in community, and understand the need for community for our health and well-being and I think the same will hold true for this blog. For this blog to be successful, healthy, and strong, it needs to have a community that nourishes it, loves it and stays connected.

I am starting this blog desperately wanting it to appeal to the masses. But my heart knows that it will be the quality of its followers, not the quantity of followers, that will determine its success in the end. However, to help kick things off, I have booked 11 months worth of guest bloggers that I have weaved in between my own scheduled postings. These guests are my personal friends, and I can vouch for the character, strength, and inner beauty of every single one of them. The best part is, that they are also beautiful writers, and I know all of them will have inspiring and heartfelt beliefs and ideas regarding Beauty from the Inside Out.

There is so much to be said about this topic. The world is filled with people who have knowledge and experience to share regarding inner beauty. And, there are plenty of souls whose lives will be positively impacted by the knowledge and experience destined to be shared. These words need to be heard, and may have the ability to change the course of many lives due to their positive guidance and loving inspiration. As time goes on, I hope this blog inspires others to share what their experience has been with inner beauty. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to be a part of this vision and contribute your own words of inspiration. Also, as a guest blogger, if you have your own blog, I will be more than happy to offer a link back to your blog.

Currently my plan is to post my own thoughts at the end of every month, and post my guest’s blogs around the 15th of the month. A new post once every 2 weeks should keep the blog alive and well. But, secretly, I hope to get so many requests from guest bloggers, that I am forced to post a blog at least once a week.

So there is my vision and I welcome all that would like to help make it happen. :)

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